Why was created by Paul Brady, a security researcher. While researching online "non-delivery scams" he started to notice many new websites claiming to sell firearms, ammo and firearm accessories.

It is very common to find people complaining about scams but it takes certain kinds of people to take action.

A lot of help and advice came from firearm forums,, YouTube channel "Scam Website Reporter", and of course the good people at

Who are we and what is our goal?

Online "non-delivery" scams have been in operation for years. Scammers target goods that are in high demand, create websites and then dupe unsuspecting buyers into parting with their hard earned cash. You will never get your product and any claims for a refund will fall on deaf ears. The scammers have no intention of sending you anything. finds, catalogues and publishes warnings on these scammers websites. This is a continous operation as scammers register and publish new websites daily.

In order to verify that these websites are infact scams we perform rigourous checks to ensure that we are not publishing a scam warning on a genuine business. We do this not only because we do not want to incorrectly lable a genuine website as a scam but also because we would easily be shut down if we were careless about who we report.
We garuntee that all websites listed as scams on are, in fact, scams.

We cannot help you to get a refund on any money you have lost however we will expose the scammers websites to stop others from being scammed.

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